I intervene in the following topics:
- advice, coaching and training,
- strategies and management of companies,
- employability: entrepreneurship and vocational training,
- promotion of startups / SMEs and development of the private sector,
- other services: project proposal writing, recruitment ...



We share in this section some personal projects initiated in recent years.



We present you in this page the sample of our customers.

Hello everyone,

In August 2017, we launched a bet to raise € 200,000 to seed-fund 100 start-ups in Madagascar. I invite you to read the project at

If it makes sense for you, please contribute to make Madagascar a country of startups.


Thank you in advance,

Prospérin Tsialonina


My name is Prosperin Tsialonina and I am a specialist in entrepreneurship, passionate about strategy and business development. I am the founder of KENTIA HOLDING sarl, which brings together 5 companies in the fields of business services, business center, training, consulting and marketing.


Graduate in finance and accounting, I started to be interested in entrepreneurship in 2004, and decided to continue my studies in this field in Mauritius and France, after having worked for more than 4 years in auditing accounts.


Outside of my professional life, I like to participate in strengthening education, leadership and youth empowerment. With the support of the AUF, I initiated and created the monthly roundtable "Rendez-vous des entrepreneurs" in September 2009. The aim is to spread the entrepreneurial culture by inviting success models across several themes. This project won the Jean-Marc Léger Award in Canada in 2010 as the best program to spread entrepreneurial culture around the world. Subsequently, I initiated in March 2011 the establishment of an association called CEE-RE (Club Entrepreneurs Students Rendez-vous Entrepreneurs) to ensure the sustainability of this project.


Sensitive to the poverty and the daily problems of the local population, as well as the exploitable potential in the Menabe region, I invested myself personally to co-found with other leaders the ALEFA Menabe NGO in August 2010. We intervene community-based education in vulnerable population (literacy), environmental awareness, micro-entrepreneurship development and civic education in the Menabe region with the support of UNDP, the European Union and other partners.


In August 2017, I initiated and co-founded the initiative. It is a social enterprise that works for the development of startups in Madagascar by selecting, supporting and financing the best start-up ideas in Madagascar.


I love and I promote networking. When I do not spend my free time with my wife Paula, my two children Faly and Anouk, or my friends, I participate in meetings, national and international (conferences, congresses, forums).

You can follow me on twitter at @ptsialonina

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