Prosperin Tsialonina, with 17 years of experience in the private sector, including 9 years as an entrepreneur, offers entrepreneurial ecosystem development and support / support services to established companies.

Our services are aimed at development projects / programs and / or adminsitrations / public authorities seeking to create a favorable climate for the development of entrepreneurship. We also support business leaders and executives in setting up a strategy for developing their companies or improving their decision-making tools. We can intervene on several levels: from the development of a strategic framework (evaluation of the existing, support to the formulation / drafting vision - mission - values, internal / external analyzes, setting objectives, strategic planning, action plan ...) until the operationalization of the defined strategies, goals or plans.

We support both startups who are in the beginning phase and established companies looking to accelerate their development. We specialized in SMEs.

Our interventions take into account the whole of the company without losing sight of the financial side which is the lung of the operation of each company, but also by putting the focus on the core business and the human resources.

Our offers are summarized in:
- advice, coaching and training,
- strategies and management of companies,
- employability: entrepreneurship and vocational training,
- promotion of startups / SMEs and development of the private sector,
- other services: project proposal writing, recruitment ...


In addition to the training received, the 17 years of experience of our leader as financial auditor, administrative and financial director, trade service manager, CEO and founders of 5 companies are the major assets to work with us.

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Prospérin Tsialonina
Founder and Consultant

The challenge for a company is not to keep it alive, but to stand out and succeed. The current market is becoming more and more competitive. This forces companies or organizations to continually improve to remain competitive. Our role is to accompany them with advice, training, coaching and / or mentoring. We also guide them in developing an adapted strategy. That is, a strategy that takes into account their environments (internal and external) while taking into account their resources and capabilities. The goal is driving change for maximum efficiency (cost, quality, time, diversity).

Prospérin Tsialonina, Founder and Consultant of TSIALONINA CONSULTING

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